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How do you say "Aytch"?

It's simple... say the letter "H" out loud.

Aytch is typically associated with Old English pronunciation of the letter.

Aytch Company LLC.

Status: Service - Disabled Veteran Owned - Small Business

DUNS#:           117531531

NICS CODE:    454390



Headquarters / Shipping

Falkville, AL 35622

Phone: 256-578-5001


What We "DO"?

Aytch dedicated to providing innovative and custom solutions to solve our customers problems. 


Our team is made up of  professionals who have spent their careers developing products in the commercial, domestic and international defense, shooting, hunting and outdoor industries. Aytch Co. has a vast network of relationships around the globe that support our ability to quickly and effectively address your requirements.

Core competency

-  Business Development 

-  Representation

-  Consulting (Design, Product Development, Branding, Government Procurement, Marketing, Branding)

-  Subject Matter Expertise (Simulation & Training, Indirect Fires, Close Air Support, Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance) 
-  Custom Products

Contact us today to learn more.       

What does the bison logo represent?


I have always admired the American Bison and all that it represents.


The most interesting thing to me is how Bison is the only animal to turn and face a storm.


Think about that and what Facing the Storm can mean to our own lives today?


How do we handle troubled times? Do we run from our mistakes? Do we take the easier way out? Or Do we Face the Storm and meet our challenges head on? It's not normal (unless you are a Bison) and more importantly, It's a choice. A choice to take on the challenges, rise to the occasion and seize the opportunity.


The Aytch Co. Logo is a reminder to Face the Storm.  


Aytch Co big logo.png
Aytch Co New LinkedIn Header.png
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